R. Shermer & Company
Specific Services We Provide

In the course of these engagements, we perform a number of specific services. These various roles include:
  • Monitoring financial and operating results to ensure that a business unit in transition remains competitive
  • Developing policies and procedures to satisfy the need for operational separation between a corporation and business units being divested
  • Monitoring and assessing the transition to the new owner for a business being divested
  • Providing direction to the management of a Held Separate Business to assure the continuance of “normal” business operations and practices
  • Assessing systems security and recommending solutions to assure information systems are segregated
  • Developing a framework and a process for the protection of Competitive or "Material Confidential" Information
  • Reviewing benefit programs to assure comparability in order to avoid disruptions amongst employees of divested businesses
  • Facilitating communication between the regulatory agencies, the respondents and the purchasers of assets being divested
  • Reviewing and approving transition plans and temporary transitional services agreements involving the transfer of assets
  • Reporting formally and informally to federal and state regulatory agencies
  • Facilitating the resolution of the many issues that normally arise during a complex transaction
  • Advising the parties involved in the transaction on the approach to be used based on best practices from past lessons learned

R. Shermer & Company's White Paper "The Held Separate Business" provides insights into a number of the factors critical to the development of HSB's and documents some eleven lessons learned from our firm's experiences.  If you would like to download a copy, please click on the document.

Formal Duties and Obligations