R. Shermer & Company
Our associates have extensive experience in serving as a Trustee or Monitor...some representative backgrounds

RICHARD SHERMER is the President of R. Shermer & Company.  Having been appointed as a Trustee or Monitor by Federal, State and European regulatory authorities, Dick has played a key role in some of the largest merger/forced divestiture transactions in recent history.  His background includes the structuring of four unique, regulator-mandated Held Separate Businesses, having developed many of the processes and procedures used to convert the intent of the legal order into an operational reality. A career strategy and organizational management consultant with extensive experience in both mergers, acquisitions and major systems implementations, Dick is a former Consulting Partner with Deloitte & Touche and Vice President/Practice Leader with A.T. Kearney Management Consulting.  Dick has served the healthcare, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, retail, and consumer products industries.  He was elected to “Who’s Who’s in American Business and Finance” in 1998. 

GREG BRUCE is a Vice President of R. Shermer & Company. Greg has served as a Trustee or Monitor during a number of major transactions, specializing in assuring the successful planning of the transition from seller to buyer.  A former Executive Vice President of the Institute of Management Resources and Practice Leader with Deloitte & Touche’s Human Capital Group, Greg generally focuses on issues involving human resources, support services, and business process issues.  He has extensive work experience as a management consultant specializing in organization development and process re-engineering.  Greg has served the oil and gas, aerospace defense, high tech electronics, health care, and pharmaceutical industries, both as a member of management and as a consultant.  He was selected for "Who's Who in the West" in the '84-'85 and '86-'87 editions.

KEVIN WILSON is a Principal with R. Shermer & Company, specializing in information technology. Kevin has served as a Trustee or Monitor in a number of divestitures, focusing on the transition of information services and on assuring the separation of data between merged entitles and the business units being divested.  A former Principal with Perot Systems and Gemini Consulting, Kevin has significant experience in a number of mergers during which he focused on the planning of the transition of information systems and the development of transition services agreements.  He has prior experience in the financial systems area with the former Price Waterhouse.  Kevin has served the insurance, financial services, high tech electronics, energy, health care, and the manufacturing industries.

JIM FALLON is a Manager with R. Shermer & Company, specializing in compliance during the provision of transition services.  Having served as both a Trustee and Monitor in a number of major transactions, Jim has played a key role in both monitoring compliance and in developing workable solutions that meet the intent and the requirements of the regulatory authorities involved.  Jim is a former Consulting Senior Manager with Deloitte & Touche and has prior experience as a senior manager focused on corporate strategy development, mergers and acquisitions, finance, and operational improvement.  Jim has served the energy, retail, and the financial services industries.

is a Manager with R. Shermer & Company, specializing in monitoring marketplace/customer interaction and in financial analysis.  June, who has served as both a member of a Held Separate Trustee team and as a regulator-appointed monitor, is a former Consultant with Bain & Company and has experience working in strategy formulation in the retailing, consumer products, agriculture, and shipping/transportation industries.  June also has prior experience in general management.

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